Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tree Line

Neat lines of healthy green trees stand along either side of a long channel of water, stretching on for as far as the eye can see.

Why A Tree Service Can Help Plan Your Business Front Landscape

You may have invested a good portion of money on paint work or installing new tiles for your business. Outdoor decorating is also important and creates a first impression before clients walk in the door. A tree service, like an interior decorator, can help you create outdoor d├ęcor that will reflect your professionalism. An expert can:

• Help you decide on a landscaping arrangement
• Choose types of plants, trees and shrubs
• Give support on maintaining landscaping

A tree service can provide service at every phase, from arranging trees and plants at optimal positions and carrying out the planting. The service can also give you tips on how to beautify existing landscaping through various methods:

• Multi-season growth protection
• Fertilizing
• Pruning
• Prevention of fungus and insect growth

Before you enter a building, it is natural to look around and admire the arrangement of shrubs and trees. A tree service can ensure your business landscaping looks orderly, attractive and reflects your aesthetic sense. You can tell a lot about a person by how they keep their yard, and the same is true when dealing with a company. The right landscaping can create soothing reassuring presence and express your vision. Browse through this site for a business tree service in San Antonio.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fallen Foliage

A dead tree has fallen and rests in the grass, where it is being hollowed out and perhaps used as shelter by small woodland animals.

What An Arborist Can Tell You About Your Trees

Many people simply let their trees just grow. An arborist can help you be pro-active about your yard and to anticipate problems before they arise. Tree maintenance is important not only for aesthetics, but health and safety. An arborist can tell you:

• If trees have a fungus
• If they have in interior infestation
• If they are safe or unsafe

After diagnosing your trees, an arborist can give expert advice on how to solve your yard issues or improve the beauty of your outdoor space. He or she can guide you concerning

• How you can preserve the trees you want
• How to most effectively remove unwanted trees
• How to arrange newly planted trees

If your tree has branches close to power line, for instance, this can pose a significant safety hazard, and the arborist can let you know right away whether you can preserve the tree or not. In addition, the expert can spot a tree that is starting to rot or show signs of bug infestation. This could save you the trouble of calling an exterminator later if the insects should find their way to your home and breed. It is also worthwhile calling an arborist prior to planting trees for advice. Browse this website for information about a tree arborist in San Antonio.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

6th Annual Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop and Field Day

Come join us at The Stein Family Farm in National City for this hands-on demonstration and in the field practice to increase your skills and knowledge of deciduous fruit tree more

Reasons Termites Are Attracted To Stumps

You have cut down a tree and your work is done, or so you think. It is important not to forget about removing the stump. This might seem like a minor issue, but a tree stump is not only an aesthetic problem, but can become the perfect breeding ground and feeding ground for termites.

What Tree Stumps Provide To Termites

Tree stumps give termites everything they need to start a colony with:

• Food
• Moisture
• Shelter

Particularly if you live in a rainy climate, it doesn’t take long for tree stumps to rot, and this will give termites moisture. The stump is close to the ground with access to food in the dirt. In addition, cracks in the stump provide shelter and room to breed.

What You Can Do

Stump removal prevents termites from making a home in your yard and finding their way into your home. It can be done one of two ways:

• Regular Stump removal
• Stump grinding

Regular stump removal involves cutting the stump from its root system and lifting it away with equipment. This method may not work for larger trees, and in that case, the stump has to be destroyed and taken away in pieces.

For more information about tree stump removal in San Antonio, browse this website.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Signs Your Trees May Be Dying

When was the last time you thought about the health of your trees? If you cannot remember or the answer is “never,” then you may want to step outside and have a look. A dying tree can be hazardous to your property, surrounding trees and potentially anyone standing underneath (yikes!). While you should always hire a certified arborist for a proper diagnosis, there are signs you can check for yourself that indicate your tree may be infected, infested or dying.

The next time you’re out on your property, spend some time taking a close look at your trees. Starting at the base of the tree, take a look at the root flare—the roots which are visible between the ground and the trunk. Is there shelf fungus present? Fungus grows on decayed wood; when fungus is present on the root flare, you can be fairly certain wood rot is also present. If no root flare is visible, then the tree may be planted improperly and is not absorbing the water and ground nutrients it needs to survive. If possible, have a tree specialist look into replanting the tree.

Moving up the tree, look carefully at the trunk for any sign of vertical cracking or missing bark. Cracks along the length of the trunk are marks of severe structural damage and, if the tree is large, can be extremely dangerous. Immediate action should be taken to safely remove the unstable tree.
A less urgent sign that your tree is not well is bare patches in the bark. Trees regularly shed bark, but healthy trees also regenerate it. Bare patches indicate your tree may have a disease or an insect infestation, both of which usually require the tree’s removal.

Finally, inspect the branches. Do you notice an unusual amount of bare branches in the summertime? This is a sure sign that something is wrong with a tree and that the tree may be dying. If bare branches are discovered, have the entire tree trimmed, as leafless branches can destabilize the tree’s weight distribution. While the easiest time to check for dead branches is in the summer, you can also check in the winter by looking for branches that did not lose their leaves in the fall. The leaves on dead branches will be dried and brown in wintertime.

While it’s possible to spot some of these basic symptoms of tree trouble on your own, always consult a professional to be certain. If you have concerns over the health your trees and are in need of a tree service in Carlsbad, help is available at this website.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Preventing Problems Before They Happen

roblems with trees are inevitable. For a variety of problems – insects, diseases, abiotic causes – they’re going to more

3 Reasons To Trim The Tree Branches

Few will argue that a tree’s branches are not the star of show. Like all showstoppers, tree branches must be groomed and primped. And although it’s nice when your tree is aesthetically pleasing, it’s more important to maintain a safe and healthy tree. Here are three reasons to regularly trim back the tree branches on your property:

1. Eliminate Over-Crowding

Generally speaking, having a lot of leaves on tree is a good thing, but when the leaf coverage casts an eternal shadow on the rest of your property, pruning should be considered. Thinning out the branches will allow for more light to filter through the leaves, brightening up your yard.

2. Increase Airflow

Think of a treetop as a giant green sail: the more branches it has, the more wind it catches. In removing some of the excess branches, you create holes that open up airflow. Restricted airflow is dangerous since it can topple a tree on windy days.

3. Too Many Dead Branches

If there’s an older tree on your property, make sure to have any dead branches cleared out. An abundance of bare branches can offset a tree’s weight distribution, increasing the chances of the tree falling down.

Do any of these situations apply to you? Click this link for expert tree pruning in Carlsbad.